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Home Lifehacking De multitask-mythe volgens Earl Miller
De multitask-mythe volgens Earl Miller

bordjes lucht multitasking

Neurowetenschapper Earl Miller adviseert, ook al maak je misschien jezelf wijs het wel (goed) te kunnen, vooral niet te multitasken:

multitasken multitask mythe earl miller

Don’t try to multitask. It ruins productivity, causes mistakes, and impedes creative thought. Many of you are probably thinking, “but I’m good at it!” Sadly, that’s an illusion. As humans, we have a very limited capacity for simultaneous thought -- we can only hold a little bit of information in the mind at any single moment.

Our brains, however, delude us into thinking we can do more. To understand how this happens, it helps to think about how we physically see the world. Barring visual impairments, we perceive our surroundings via a video camera-like, wide-angle lens. Or at least that’s how it seems. In reality, our eyes are constantly darting around, 3-4 times per second, taking in our surroundings in snippets. The end looks like one image, but that’s just because our brains paper these individual pieces together to create a complete picture.

The same is true for multitasking. When we toggle between tasks, the process often feels seamless -- but in reality, it requires a series of small shifts.


When you try to multitask, you typically don’t get far enough down any road to stumble upon something original because you’re constantly switching and backtracking.

Bron: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Multitask, According to an MIT Neuroscientist, Earl Miller

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Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.

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