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Home Lifehacking Ontdek je eigen 'professionele specialiteit' volgens Richard Koch
Ontdek je eigen 'professionele specialiteit' volgens Richard Koch

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Tim Feriss geeft in zijn podcast met Richard Koch on Mastering the 80/20 Principle, Achieving Unreasonable Success, and the Art of Gambling (#466) een citaat van Richard Koch over een advies dat hij ooit gaf over het ontdekken en ontwikkelen van je eigen 'professionele specialiteit':

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Tim Feriss: Well, that could be in one of your next books if you haven’t covered academic hygiene and preparation. Now, if we’re looking at formative periods, let’s just say high school, college, university, however we want to label it, I’m looking at notes, as I do in these types of conversations, from an interview you did with Boing Boing a long time ago, an outlet that I know very well, and one of the questions posed was, “What advice would you give to a smart kid who’s now in high school?” And you can feel free to fact check this and correct, but the answer I’m just going to read briefly, and then I have a followup.

“Discover what you are best at doing and enjoy that is different from what all your peers are doing and that requires relatively little effort from you. Then put huge effort into honing that skill, so that it becomes monstrously greater than anyone else’s. Keep demanding that each year you make your peculiar talent more peculiar and much more potent. Use the skill to make the world a more interesting place. Don’t care about making money. If you have a fantastically different and useful skill, everything else you want will follow.”


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There is no shortage of time. In fact, we are positively awash with it. We only make good use of 20 per cent of our time (….) The 80/20 principle says that if we doubled our time on the top 20% of activities, we could work a two-day week and achieve 60 per cent more than now.

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