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Home Lean Six Sigma 50 verspillingen op kantoor volgens Lean Office Innovation
50 verspillingen op kantoor volgens Lean Office Innovation

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Volgens Lean Office Innovation zijn er 50 mogelijke verspillingen in een kantooromgeving. Ze organiseerden een ontwerpwedstrijd om van deze verspillingen een leuke infographic te maken. Bekijk hier alle inzendingen. Mocht je niet visueel zijn ingesteld, dan volgt hieronder de tekstuele variant:

Process Waste
- Approvals
- Bottlenecks
- Communication barriers
- Competition (within the organization)
- Defects
- Extra features
- Handoffs
- Incompatible systems
- Incomplete work
- Inspections
- Multitasking
- Reviews
- Rigid hierarchy
- Shadow systems
- Searching
- Signatures
- Task switching
- Unnecessary complexity
- Useless information
- Variable flow in a process
- Waiting/delays
- Workarounds

Physical Environment Waste
- Interruptions
- Moving/transportation
- Unsafe conditions

Information Waste
- Converting formats
- Data dead ends
- Data discrepancies
- Lack of usefulness
- Manually checking electronic data
- Metrics/measures
- Missing Data
- Re-entering data
- Redundant data inputs
- Redundant data inputs
- Unavailable data
- Unclear or incorrect data
- Unknown data
- Unnecessary data

People Waste
- Ineffective meetings
- Lack of project management
- Lack of training
- Lack of useful feedback
- Mishandled conflict
- Relearning
- Turnover
- Unclear roles
- Unclear sponsorship, norms, & boundaries
- Underutilized talent
- Emotional waste: unnecessary frustration, stress




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If you would attain to what you are not yet, you must always be displeased by what you are. For where you are pleased with yourself there you have remained. Keep adding, keep walking, keep advancing.

Saint Augustine



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