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Home Management Visueel management volgens Stewart Liff & Pamela A. Posey
Visueel management volgens Stewart Liff & Pamela A. Posey

visueel management

visueel management

Ways to improve performance

Organizations today continu to seek means for improving performance, and it seems that adoption of systems to help employees manage and reduce information overload would be appropriate choices. If companies can find more effective ways to collet and organizae critical information and disseminate that information to their employees, they will have taken a huge step toward reducing the confusion created by information overload in the workplace.

Further, if the means they use to manage this process appeal to the ways in which today's employees gather and utilize information, then companies will be more succesful at ensuring that the right information gets to the appropriate people. In other words, if organzations use information-sharing and communication methods that fit the expectations and learning styles of their employees, they have a greater chance of meeting their performance goals. This is precisely what visual management does.

Being visual is consistent with the spirit of the times. It appeals to a wide variety of stakeholders, uses a wide range of visual media, and takes full advantage of prevalent learning styles. Visual management helps organizations focus their employees' attention on what is important, reinforces the organization's mission and values, and gives employees all of the right information to help them improve performance. Visual management helps organize information and processes around one or more central strategic themes. It helps build synergies among operations by constantly focusing on core organizational themes and the links between them. Visual management does this by helping the organization reduce it's reliance on the written word and begin to manage what people see.

Bron: Seeing is believing - how the art of visual management can boost performance throughout your organization, Stewart Liff & Pamela A. Posey

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