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Learning Experience Design (LXD) volgens Connie Malamed

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Connie - the eLearning coach - Malamed geeft in het artikel 10 Principles of Learning Experience Design aan waar de term 'Learning Experience Design' vandaan komt, wát het is, en welke 'principes' als cruciale richtlijnen fungeren om effectieve leerervaringen te ontwerpen en ontwikkelen:

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How did the term learning experience design (LXD) originate and what does it mean? In a search through academic databases, I found a mention of the phrase in an Educational Technology article from 2002 (McLellan, 2002). The author, Hillary McLelllan, explains how to apply the art of designing experiences to education and training. She discusses the importance of intentionally shaping the experience so that the learner leaves with something to remember.

Nearly two decades later, we are still exploring how to best shape experiences that help people learn. In the midst of this era of discovery, some principles have solidified and are now considered best practices. Perhaps learning experience design is the embodiment of what is best and most effective from the merging of instructional design and the many disciplines in its Venn diagram. This is not a new label to be pasted on old methods, but a new definition for an evolved mindset, improved practices and a broader perspective.


1. LXD recognizes that training is not always the solution.
2. LXD is human-centered.
3. LXD insists on inclusive design.
4. LXD seeks to create a positive and meaningful user experience.
5. LXD emphasizes that learning is a journey.
6. LXD relies on research-based findings to make design decisions.
7. LXD seeks input from users and participants.
8. LXD uses real-world metrics to measure performance improvement.
9. LXD recognizes the value of sharing and social engagement.
10. LXD is innovative and flexible.

Bron: 10 Principles of Learning Experience Design, Conny Malamed


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