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Belangrijke onderwijskundige begrippen - EPSS

bob belangrijke onderwijskundige begrippen

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Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS)




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epss electronic performance support system

Basically, an EPSS is a dynamic tool which combines the functions of a job aid with the functions of traditional help system, and provides users with the ability to cross-reference materials through branching functionality while providing a more interactive, real-time environment through which the user may learn.

"An EPSS may be defined as “An orchestrated set of technology-enabled services that provide on-demand access to integrated information, guidance, advice, assistance, training, and tools to enable high-level job performance with a minimum of support from other people.” (Gery, 1991)


In the context of procedural training, EPSS’ may provide employees with an untethered support tool for which they may reference when attempting to complete an unfamiliar task. For example, one may need to replace their hard drive from a laptop computer; here, an EPSS would allow the user to go through the procedure, step-by-step, on a mobile device or laptop, while completing the procedure. Furthermore, additional technologies may be leveraged in an effort to enhance procedural training (e.g. adding flash animations or 3D simulations to the step-by-step walkthroughs).

From a development perspective, EPSS’ can make even the most complicated tasks possible for the most novice of learners.

Bron: Electronic Performance Support Systems, Ashley Chiasson

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