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Home Bluff Your Way Into... Belangrijke onderwijskundige begrippen - Small Private Online Course (SPOC)
Belangrijke onderwijskundige begrippen - Small Private Online Course (SPOC)

bob belangrijke onderwijskundige begrippen

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Small Private Online Course (SPOC)



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small private online course spoc

Small Private Online Course (SPOC)

Inmiddels kennen we het acroniem MOOC: Massive Open Online Course. Een variant die steeds vaker opduikt is SPOC: Small Private Online Course. Het voornaamste verschil is dat een SPOC een besloten omgeving is, de deelnemers zijn op voorhand bekend en kunnen proactief uitgenodigd worden.

Bron: https://www.nextlearning.nl/e-blog/small-private-online-courses/

small private online course spoc

Een SPOC is slechts voor een beperkt aantal deelnemers toegankelijk en aanmelding is vaak een vereiste. Anders dan bij Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is deelname niet per definitie kosteloos. Door het exclusievere karakter van SPOCs is wel meer ruimte voor discussie en persoonlijke aandacht.

Bron: https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/onderwijs/overig-onderwijs/online-onderwijs/spocs

small private online course spoc

The first two letters of SPOC are intentionally the opposite of the first two letters of MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course. MOOCs are massive, taught to thousands or tens of thousands of students at once, whereas SPOCs are small, and studied by tens or hundreds. MOOCs are open and free, whereas SPOCs are private and sometimes costly. Both are online courses.

But beyond acronyms, a SPOC is really just the sort of online course that has been offered in Australia and elsewhere for a couple of decades. MOOCs were heralded as “the end of higher education as we know it”; SPOCs are a continuation and expansion of what works in online learning. So why the sudden spike in interest in SPOCs?

A cynic might say that the SPOC phenomenon is really just Northern American elite universities discovering online courses. The distance education community has been at this for a long time, and all the SPOC movement has contributed is a trendy name reminiscent of a noted paediatrician or a Star Trek character.

The main difference between SPOCs and traditional online learning is where each camp traces their lineage. SPOCs are presented as both the child of the MOOC and the MOOC’s antidote

Bron: https://theconversation.com/explainer-what-is-a-small-private-online-course-34542

small private online course spoc

Small private online courses (SPOC)

Refers to online learning that was repackaged as a SPOC in response the rise of massive open online courses (MOOCs).

SPOCs are small (tens or hundreds of learners) restricted-access courses. SPOCs have enrolment applications and often charge tuition fees.

Bron: https://www.advance-he.ac.uk/knowledge-hub/small-private-online-courses-spoc

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