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Home Bluff Your Way Into... 12 ontwerpprincipes voor omgaan met complexiteit volgens Toby Sinclair
12 ontwerpprincipes voor omgaan met complexiteit volgens Toby Sinclair


Toby Sinclair verzamelde 12 principes die een organisatie helpen bij het omgaan met complexiteit:

toby sinclair organizational design complexity

(01) Foster informal networks

The majority of organisational learning happens within informal networks. Learn to amplify these.

(02) Follow the golden rules of crisis management
Coordinate in centre. Don't make decisions. Communicate by engagement.

(03) Embrace sympoietic systems
It is important to remember how things connect are more important than what they are

(04) Use scaffolding
A temporary that can be used to help the emergence of desired outcomes

(05) Use temporal interventions
How long does the intervention need to exist for? Not all changes should be permanent.

(06) Distribute cognition and decision making

Put the power of organisational design into the power of people. Allow the design to emerge through self organisation

(07) Don't scrap the hierarchy

Be aware of both the formal hierarchy and also the informal network

(08) Lower energy needed for change

Organisations with a lower energy gradient can enable faster learning.

(09) Increase adaptive capacity
Adaptive Capacity is like a budget. When you use it all the organisation can become very rigid and freeze

(10) Don't outsource the design
Often leads towards homogenous. monocultural organisational design

(11) Manage constraints
Identify constraints. change constraints, see what happens. Find out which constraints which are brittle and what the impact of change is.

(12) Enable resilience and robustness
A system which is robust survives unchanged. A system which is resilient survives with continuity over time.

Bron: 12 Organisation Design Principles that Embrace Complexity, Toby Sinclair

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