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Belangrijke onderwijskundige begrippen - E-learning

bob belangrijke onderwijskundige begrippen

leren learn



Verzamelnaam voor het vormgeven van leersituaties (gestuurd en zelfgestuurd) met behulp van informatie- en communicatietechnologie (in het bijzonder internettechnologie).



Computer-based training

Training that is delivered via the computer for the purpose of teaching job-relevant knowledge and skills


The use of computer network technology such as the intranet or Internet to deliver information or instruction to individuals

Computer-Based Training

Over the last decade, the use of computers to deliver training has been referred to as computer-based training and e-learning. Although these terms are often used synonymously, there are differences. Computer-based training refers to training that is delivered via the computer for the purpose of teaching job-relevant skills. It can include text, graphics, and/or animation and be deliv¬ered via CD-ROMs, intranets, or the internet." Among the various forms of computer-based training, Web-delivered and CD-ROM formats have received the most attention.

A related and increasingly popular term for technology-based training is e-learning. E-learning (also known as Web-based instruction or WBI) refers to the use of computer network technology such as the intranet or internet to deliver information or instruction to individuals." Thus, e-learning is a specific type of computer-based learning and refers to the use of computer network technology. It would not include the use of CD-ROMs. In the remainder of this chapter, we will use the broader term, computer-based training, which includes e-learning.

One of the ways that computer-based training methods differ is in terms of whether the training is instructor-led or self-directed, the focus of the next section.

Managing Performance Through Training and Development, Alan Michael Saks, Robert R. Haccoun, Monica Belcourt




E-learning is one of the most popular forms of training delivery available today. Research suggests the global e-learning market is set to reach over $300 billion in value by 2025, and 77% of U.S.-based organizations use e-learning. These online learning programs use a mix of text audio and video; discussion forums; and/or interactive assessment.

E-learning is a good option for organizations that want to offer flexible learning opportunities in a short time frame to a global audience by delivering interactive and engaging training programs in the form of games, videos, HTML, quizzes and other content. E-learning is also suitable for organizations that need to provide a simulated environment for learners performing high-risk tasks.

Bron: https://trainingindustry.com/articles/content-development/5-training-delivery-methods-to-use-in-your-ld-programs/




eLearning is the delivery of learning through a computer or any digital device. It lends itself to a wide range of industries like retail, healthcare, automotive, and so on. Based on a report from Roland Berger, almost 77% of the organizations in the U.S. use some form of eLearning to train their employees. This high statistic is not a surprise, considering the various advantages it offers.

Common eLearning formats

(1) Online courses

An online course is a self-paced, asynchronous course that allows your employees to complete training online, meaning they don’t need to be physically available at some training venue. Learners can take a course during their free time, from anywhere they choose, like their living room or in the subway. As long as they have a mobile device with internet, they can access courses on demand.

(2) Online games and quizzes

According to research from Metaarih, the growth rate for game-based learning in the corporate sector is very high, at a breathtaking five-year compound annual growth rate of 53.4%. It’s all about taking a boring task or process and turning it into an online game to boost user motivation.

Bron: 5 Training Methods in the Workplace: Choose the Best for Your Employees


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