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Home Bluff Your Way Into... De waarheid over leerstijlen volgens Tim Slade
De waarheid over leerstijlen volgens Tim Slade

In het filmpje 'The truth about learning styles' (3:33m) ontmaskert Tim Slade de hardnekkige mythe van leerstijlen.

Volgens Tim is het allemaal vrij simpel:

tim slade truth learning styles leerstijlen

The best approach is to let the content and the complexity of the task or skills being taught, drive the method of instruction.


It's really that simple. It has nothing to do with what the learner prefers, it's what's best for [the] content.

Laatst aangepast op vrijdag, 26 februari 2021 20:25  

People with different skills have to work together to deliver product features. Don’t build features that nobody needs right now. Don’t write more specs than you can code. Don’t write more code than you can test. Don’t test more code than you can deploy. (…) Pretty simple to describe in theory. Some subtlety in practice. A kanban is a tool, and like any tool, it is meant to solve a problem. I think kanban solves this problem more efficiently than the known alternatives.

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