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Event-Driven Process Chain (EPC)




gebeurtenis event proces

Event-Driven Process Chain

The event-driven process chain (EPC) is a conceptual modeling technique that is mainly used to improve systematically business process flows. Like most conceptual modeling techniques, the event driven process chain consists of entities/elements and functions that allow relationships to be developed and processed. More specifically, the EPC is made up of events that define what state a process is in or the rules by which it operates. In order to progress through events, a function/ active event must be executed. Depending on the process flow, the function has the ability to transform event states or link to other event driven process chains. Other elements exist within an EPC, all of which work together to define how and by what rules the system operates. The EPC technique can be applied to business practices such as resource planning, process improvement, and logistics.

Event-driven process chain

An Event-driven Process Chain (EPC) is a type of flowchart used for business process modeling .

Bron: Simulation Conceptual Modeling, Jeffrey Strickland

gebeurtenis event proces

Event-Driven Process Chain

A short review of the process concept in ARIS is in order here: Processes (of the control view) are, in principle, logical se-quences of functions. Afunction (in ARIS) is a technical task, or an activity in an (information) object which is intended to attain one or several business goals -- for example, "check invoice" or "write letter." Elementary functions can no longer be meaning-fully separated from a business management standpoint. Functions can only be executed if certain activated events exist (to trigger or to start events); they are finished if a demanded goal of the function is reached as a new event (end event). An event (in ARIS) is the completion of a condition relevant to business management regarding an information object. Events trigger functions and are results of functions. Events are not to be confused with functions related to and measured by actual time durations of minutes and hours.

Bron: Process Modeling with ARIS: A Practical Introduction, Heinrich Seidlmeier

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