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Lean leiderschap volgens Katie Anderson
Gepubliceerd in Lean Six Sigma Afdrukken

lean leadership

Katie Anderson geeft in een interview met haar in Follow a Leader een duidelijk uitleg van Lean leiderschap:

lean leiderschap katie anderson

If someone is moving into a lean leadership role, his or her purpose is to create value for the customer and develop people to be better able to do that.

I help people connecct to that purpose and then align their practices to achieve it. From an organization standpoint, I help organizations do the same thing by helping leaders create the system and structures to enable people to do their best work every day.

What does that involve?

I coach leaders to first get clarity on the organization's priorities, and then to lead as teachers and coaches, not as the solvers of all the problems, to enable those who do the work to figure out the right solutions.

Bron: interview met Katie Anderson in: Follow a Leader, by Patricia Panchak

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