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Learning nudges volgens Elliot Masie
Gepubliceerd in Bluff Your Way Into Afdrukken

nudge learning elliot masie

Elliot Masie geeft in zijn podcast Learning Nudges een mooie beschrijving van een zgn. 'learning nudge':

learning nudges microlearning micro learning

A nudge ... is just a gentle push for changed behaviour (to succeed or avoid failure)


A nudge is ... something that wil grow as some phenomena will take place in the world of work:

(i) we are more digitally connected

(ii) triggered by observation

(iii) big data world (incl. AI, machine learning) drive ability to be nudged


For the nudge to be effective, it has to be:

and it's a nudge, not a lesson
Bron: podcast Learning Nudges, Elliot Masie (12:39 min.)
Laatst aangepast op zaterdag, 12 september 2020 18:28